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  • Jessica Guha – Therapist

    We are more than the stories we have been told about ourselves. However, learning to let go of these narratives or rewrite them in a more compassionate way can be challenging. Mindful of the impact of trauma and systems of oppression, Jessica uses her therapeutic relationship with adults and couples as a mirror and a safety net to encourage both reflection and self-compassion.  

    Jessica understands the importance of meeting clients where they are at, a practice she brings from her time as a classroom teacher.  Jessica particularly enjoys working with individuals and couples who are navigating life transitions, such as having a new baby or experiencing divorce or loss of a loved one. Her work is integrative and intentional, and she draws from multiple therapeutic modalities to best meet each of her clients’ needs. Gottman Method Couples Therapy informs Jessica’s work with couples.

     Jessica strives to always provide warmth and validation in her work. She takes her work very seriously, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously.  She enjoys using humor in session to create authentic working relationships with her clients.